Progress & Recess

So a lot has been going on within the walls of the nursery. Despite the holiday rush, we were able to finish most of our major projects in there. I am finally feeling like we’ve made some real progress – we’re talking furniture, accessories, baby supplies, diapers. This is getting real people! With 3 baby showers down and 1 to go, reality is setting in that in a little over a month, we will be parents. But let’s leave those terrifying thoughts for another day!

belly pic
Brad on a ladder
Pink Shelf
Gold in Palette
painting mitt
Katie painting with mitt
changing table finished

Without revealing too much, let’s talk about what we’ve done in there since we finished the floor. We finished it on a Sunday and left it alone for 5 days. On Friday night we went back in and started prepping to paint the trim, closet, doors, and furniture. We spent all day Saturday (my birthday!) taping and painting. Check it out:

My parents gave us a beautiful changing table that my dad built before I was born. In order to incorporate it into Rory’s room we wanted to paint it white. But then this happened: 
75 spindles. That’s right, 75 tiny little rods of wood that brush nor roller could reach. I spent about an hour with a little craft paintbrush trying to get between the hard to reach places, which were pretty much everywhere. Brad got so frustrated with the whole thing that he went downstairs to assemble the crib. I was about to give up myself, but then this guy came along. 
Meet the Trimaco Pro Paint Mitt, aka my saving grace. For the low low price of  $4.05, my annoyance was gone and our project was completed in a few short hours. Here’s a picture of the final product: 

WHEW! We left everything for a few days while we celebrated Christmas with our families. On December 26th we pulled up the plastic, removed the tape, rehung the doors, and did some shop-vacing for good measure. Then it was time for the furniture. The rocking chair we ordered online came in and Brad and my dad assembled that while my mom and I started putting things away. Not gonna lie, it felt good to see the room look like an actual room and not a construction zone. I think my anxiety level dropped about 50%.

rug with doors
rug with window
Tuna in crib

Not quite ready to show off the final product yet, but here’s the room with walls done, floor done, and rug in place. 
Not too shabby! Here’s one more preview of our sneaky cat enjoying the crib. Don’t worry – she has since been trained to stay out and we will be washing the sheets again before he arrives! 
I hope you like what we’ve done so far. I am pretty pleased with it myself and can’t wait to show off the final final product once we get some art on the walls and a few more details in place. We have taken a break in there since we got the furniture moved in. Brad and I even enjoyed a “duvet day” after New Years, in which we spent the entire day under the covers watching movies/shows on Netflix and catching up on some much needed rest. The countdown is right around 40 days so it won’t be too long now until the room, house, and our hearts are filled with the little man cub’s presence. Excited to be sharing these steps along the way!

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  1. Steff Adams says:

    I love your blog! I love you guys! I can’t wait to see the final product!!!

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