Speed Bumps & Virtues

They say patience is a virtue. I disagree. I think patience is the virtue, especially when it comes to buying a house. You put in an offer. And then you wait. You sign literally one million documents. And then you wait. You schedule an inspection only to find out it was cancelled by some crazy and unforeseen circumstances. And then you wait. If you’re like me, your mind is never fully at ease during this waiting process. It is constantly spinning out a combined tale of uncontrollable excitement followed by worst case scenarios. Not to mention the fact that the people around you are tired of hearing you talk about it. I can just see them yelling at me in their mind’s eye: “GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!”

I have never been a patient person. I read the last page of a novel before I finish the first chapter. I wait for shows to come out on netflix so I don’t have to wait a week between episodes. I need to know that the conflict is resolved and the characters are able to move on to a happy ending. But that’s not always how life works out. Sometimes you just have to wait. The definition of patience is, “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” Yikes. Definitely need to work on that. We (ok mostly just me) are working on laughing at the speed bumps and road blocks and realizing that they will eventually be used to tell our first house story.

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