September Stitch Fix Review

It’s here!! My beautiful, fabulous, fall fix has arrived. In all of my anxious anticipation and impatience I failed to take a picture of the box perched on my doorstep or the ever so neatly packaged contents inside. I just ripped right in – on my lunch break! Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch. (Fellow Office fans, can I get a high five??). I was so impatient, in fact, that you will just have to settle for these less-than-stellar selfies I took in a hurry. Let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, Jen was my stylist again and she did a great job of listening to my feedback and looking at my Pinterest board. She even checked out my last Stitch Fix Review on the blog! Her note was super sweet and personal, hitting all the feels.

Now let’s get down to it, what you all came here for: THE REVEAL

1. Look by M Alzora Zig Zag Infinity Scarf ($34)

This scarf is soooo soft and cozy, like marshmallows and a campfire combined. Perfect for fall. I did not, however, love the colors and I feel like I would never reach for it. I do admit that it looks good on me in this picture. Still, I decided it needed a home where it would feel more love. Verdict: SOLD

2. Market & Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan ($68)

This cardigan. So perfect in the picture on the style card. Such a fail on my body. Despite the soft cloud-like material, I couldn’t help but feel like the Michelin man all tucked into this thing.

And the sleeves were extra long. Overall, no go. Verdict: SOLD

3. Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top ($58)

Ahh lace. It makes me feel so fancy, while being so easy to throw on and look put together. I had pinned this shirt in the grey and white version and at first I was disappointed that it came in blue. But then I looked at my closet and realized how much grey and white I actually own and was pleased that my stylist forced me out of my fashion rut. The only thing I was unsure of was how it fit in the back. Does it make me look like I have a tadpole tail?

Regardless of how you answered that question, I decided to keep it! Verdict: KEPT

4. Daniel Rainn Waring Roll Tab Blouse ($68)

Full disclosure: Before my shipment arrived I peeked at what they were sending me and I was slightly disappointe by this blouse. But then I tried it on and heard the angels singing! Despite my still massive feeding machines up top, this shirt fits me well and even does this neat split thing in the back. Well done, Jen! Verdict: KEPT

5. Gilli Sina V-Neck Printed Maxi Dress ($74)

I requested this dress to wear to an outdoor fall wedding and she delivered (literally)! I am new to maxi dresses, but I am already in love. And the neckline is made so I can still feed the cub while we’re out on the town. All the heart eyes for this one 😍😍😍  Verdict: KEPT

So what is Stitch Fix? 

I’m glad you asked! Stitch Fix is an online styling service for women. You sign up for free and create a style profile and then wait for the magic to happen. Once you schedule your fix, you are charged a $20 styling fee, which will be credited to your account should you choose to keep anything from your fix. Your personal stylist reviews your style profile, checks out your Pinterest boards, and hand-selects 5 items she thinks will be perfect for you. If you love everything in your box, they give you a 25% discount. Or if you’re like me and don’t love everything but decide to keep it anyway, you can sell the items you don’t want in this facebook group and get the discount anyway! #winning

That’s all for now, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Stitch Fix review! As you can see, I am clearly a huge fan of this service. But you don’t have to believe me, you can try it for yourself! Worst case scenario: You are out the $20 styling fee. Best case scenario: You receive amazing new fashion pieces picked out just for you and delivered to your door. If you do decide to try it (and I TOTALLY think you should), click here to sign up with my referral code. At no extra cost to you, this helps me earn $25 towards my next purchase 🙂 ENJOY!!

your style delivered

Thanks to another generous blogger, I’m participating in a link back this month to highlight other fabulous female’s fixes around the web! Click on the picture below to check it out and don’t forget to share the love ❤


4 Comments Add yours

  1. lifemadefull says:

    I love what you kept!! I agree about the zip cardigan, but I loved the scarf on you!!

  2. Love the lace raglan, and think the “tail” is really a nice feature!

  3. amyinfla says:

    Nice Fix! Love the lace top. I was glad to receive more color in my Fix this month, too.

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