Crazy Beautiful Life

We all stumble through this life. Those who seem to have it all together are lying. And often times the ones who are the most put together on the outside are hiding the scariest skeletons in the closets within. Some days I wake up and everything is fine. I continue to live my story without any major plot twists or speed bumps. Then there are days like today, when I am late to work because my baby was coughing all night and I was up worrying about him. And lunch with my sister is interrupted by seizures and phone calls from our confused and upset grandmother. Hour long lunch breaks turn into two and a half hours of hugging a crying Mimi in her kitchen because she is “losing her always memory.” And my frustration turns to guilt for not having more patience, showing more love, spending more time. 

We only get one life, you and I, and we shouldn’t have to face it alone. When things are messy and broken I am reminded that life is crazy beautiful and we are all in it together. So when you see that tired new mom in line at the grocery store, offer a smile. Or when your phone rings for what seems like the hundredth time in a day, remember that sometimes you are the person on the other end of the line at the end of your rope. Have patience. Show grace. Because it’s a round world and you know that more than your fair share of grace has been shown to you. 

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  1. cookie says:

    rememever the 1800 call Cookie is just a phone call away ! And Courtney’s a great babysitter / playmate / mothers helper!

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