Welcome, Child of Love

Earlier this month among the trees, in the presence of God and man, we dedicated our son. Surrounded by family and friends, we promised to cherish and nurture Rory throughout his life, to guide him and to respect and support the choices he makes, to do our best to raise him to take his place in the community as a kind and caring person.

“Welcome, Rory Matthew,
Child of love.
God is here to bless you.
And blessed are you,
Beyond telling,
To be born to parents
who love you
and love each other.

Grow gently, Rory Matthew,
In love of God.
We bless you,
And pray
Christ be near you,
Now and each hour
Of your life.”

The week following his dedication was a blur. Our house was a revolving door of friends, family, and friends who are like family. There were dishes piled in the sink, laundry stacked in mounds on the floor, and our dining room was transformed into a bedroom. But this full (and messy!) house means my heart is full. I don’t know how we got so lucky, but we are surrounded by some of the best people who make it a priority to invest in our lives. I can’t even begin to express how happy it makes me to know that Rory already has so many people who love him deeply. And as we slowly put our house back together, we are reminded of the pieces of our hearts that are spread across the country and around the world. It is my deepest desire that we can teach our boy about the beauty of a scattered heart. So thanks to all who have loved us – up close and from afar. May your affirmations and support continue to guide us as we take on this monumental task of raising our sweet child of love.











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