Yesterday marked Rory’s 2 week birthday. That’s 14 days of baby snuggles, dirty diapers, long nights, and countless tears of joy, fear, love, sleep deprivation, frustration, and an abundance of responsibility. I have found that time slips away from me. Not only the days that turn to weeks, but the hours that turn to days. I feel like an around-the-clock feeding machine – every two hours this act of nourishment and bonding consumes my world. And time is lost in between.

My to-do list has lost all sense of urgency. And yet I feel the guilt of not being more productive with my days. I have found that the posture of motherhood is one of humility, but also one of grace. I am learning more and more that it takes a village to raise a child and I can’t help but shed tears of gratitude for the support system we have in place.

A little over two weeks ago, I was pregnant and so unaware. Now, I am a mother. And I am lost but I am so madly and deeply in love. He is growing so fast and I know I can’t slow it down. So for now, my lists can wait because there is a baby in my arms that is changing right before my eyes. And I know that, despite all the hormonal tears, these are the days I will cherish. This has been my fortnight induction into motherhood and there is no turning back now.


1 week old


2 weeks old


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