I dropped my iPhone in the toilet once. And on the ground several times since then. As a result, my on/off lock screen button lost its ability to function; therefore my phone is perpetually on. Like all electronic devices, phones need to be turned off every now and then. Reset. I believe the same is true of people.

When we left Madison we were almost completely drained. Our bodies, minds and spirits were exhausted and depleted – in desperate need of a complete and total reset. These past seven days have done just that.

Here’s what renewal has looked like for us in South Carolina:
1. Celebrating the first birthday of a beautiful, smart, and quirky little girl.
2. Good meals with good people.
3. Doing life with friends.
4. Spending quality time together without the pressures of our daily grind.
5. Staying up way too late sitting around a fire and chatting about life.
6. Lots of Xbox playing for Brad and Pinterest for me.
7. A sermon reminding us that Christ did not come to fix our circumstances; He came to be the solution to our eternal problem.
8. Exploring unfamiliar cities and finding new adventures.
9. Seven days of not thinking about work, new house, or Ulster.
10. Being reminded that no matter what our circumstances are, we are blessed with friendships that can stand the test of time.

So today we are heading home. It is my hope that we can hold onto these things as we return to the stress and pressure of expectations and routines. It’s amazing how much more you can accomplish with a fresh mind and rested body. Just like my dysfunctional iPhone, sometimes you have to be completely drained before you can recharge and become functional again.


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  1. I’m glad you are coming home rested, recharged and renewed.

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